Expert Instruction & 40 Years Teaching Experience

All golfers are different—height, weight, strength, desire to get better, etc.  I make it a point to work with you on what you want to accomplish.  Some people want to break 100 or 90, and some want to be a scratch golfer.  Everyone does want to get better and hopefully you will enjoy the game.  Be sure to remember that it is a game. 

One fact I tell everyone is that you will “get out of it what you put in it”.  In other words, if you only have a chance to practice or play 1 or 2 times every couple of weeks, then expect that to reflect with your ball striking or score.  Most of all have fun but remember your time committed to this great game will eventually result in your improvement.  Commit to a routine, keep it fun, and you will improve.  Golf is a lifetime game!